How to engage with Scannexus?

In order to fully optimise the services offered by Scannexus, the staff at Scannexus should be involved in the development of any projects that propose to use the MRI resources.

For further information, or to register an interest in carrying out research at the Centre, please contact:

Nadine Reijnders
Business Developer
+31 43 38 81242

Project Initiation
Researcher to liaise with Project Developer
(and additional experts, as required)

Outline of potential project
(scientific rationale, paradigm and protocol)*

Researcher obtains funding*

Protocol Development* 
(Driven by the Project Developer and involving input by Brains Unlimited’s network of scientists and technical support staff, as well as the researcher(s))

Project Approval and signing of Project Scanning Agreement* ** 
(Subject to ethical and other required regulatory approvals)  

Project Initiation** 
(Researcher(s) and key Brains Unlimited personnel; setting up Certified User Training, access to scanners and booking system, etc. )

Start Project**

*At all stages, Project Developer and, where appropriate, additional expert staff will assist the researcher in formulating the paradigm and protocols, and in the preparation of regulatory documents.
** Total maximum of 4 weeks