• Film about scanning on our 7T 10th July 2013
    In this film Siemens interview prof.dr. Rainer Goebel and show an example of a 7T fMRI study which takes less than 25 minutes. >

  • Newsletter issue 01-2013 14th May 2013
    The first newsletter from Scannexus. We hope that you enjoy this insight into some of the activities, developments and research that has been keeping us busy over the past few months. >

  • L1 Broadcast 3th May 2013
    Broadcast of the L1 News of the arrival of the 9.4T scanner >

  • Brains Unlimited Pioneer Fund awarded 18th April 2013
    In March 2013, the first Brains Unlimited Pioneer Funds were awarded. In total 8 researchers of Maastricht University received a grant. All research will be conducted at the 7T MRI scanners at Scannexus. >

  • Open Day 7th March 2013
    Saturday March 23rd we will have an Open Day. Everyone who is interested in the technology and possibilities of our MRI scanners and the facility is more than welcome. >

  • Innovation in Imaging Competition 8th October 2012
    Brains Unlimited presents the Innovation in Imaging (IiI) competition. IiI is an open call competition in which winners will receive up to 10 hours of scanning time at one the of the three UHF clinical MRI scanners of Brains Unlimited. >