Important notification

Due to the developments related to the corona virus, Scannexus has opened its facilities to scan on human patients and research participants from 08 AM - 05 PM during office hours. Scanning outside office hours, is possible in consultation with us. Please find our COVID-19 related guidelines here.

Scannexus is an Ultra-High-Field MRI centre.

Scannexus facilitates researchers, clinicians and industry in formulating and answering their research questions. We offer a combination of state-of-the-art clinical imaging technology and expertise in MRI operations and development, experimental designs and data analysis. Through this, we provide a full support package for imaging-related research. You provide the question, we support your search for the answer.

Research & development

The core elements of the Scannexus facility are three Ultra High-Field whole-body clinical MRI scanners, supplied by Siemens; a 3T Magnetom Prisma, a 7T Magnetom and a 9.4T Magnetom.


Services and technology

Scannexus offers you a unique combination of services and technologies. Access to world-leading Ultra High-Field MRI scanners (3T, 7T, 9.4T), is combined with dedicated customer-focused operational support, and the expertise of our clinical and technical networks.

  • Shimming—the forgotten child of in‑vivo MR?
    In a commentary for MAGMA (the official journal of ESMRMB), Scannexus' Christopher Wiggins asks why are the standard techniques for magnet field homogeneity provided by vendors generally from the last century and limited in performance, when in the meantime MRI techniques have used the significant advances in techniques and computing power to perform higher quality MR imaging in shorter and shorter times?