Important notification

Due to the developments related to the corona virus, Scannexus has opened its facilities to scan on human patients and research participants from 08 AM - 05 PM during office hours. Scanning outside office hours, is possible in consultation with us. Please find our COVID-19 related guidelines here.

Scannexus is an Ultra-High-Field MRI centre.

Scannexus facilitates researchers, clinicians and industry in formulating and answering their research questions. We offer a combination of state-of-the-art clinical imaging technology and expertise in MRI operations and development, experimental designs and data analysis. Through this, we provide a full support package for imaging-related research. You provide the question, we support your search for the answer.

Research & development

The core elements of the Scannexus facility are three Ultra High-Field whole-body clinical MRI scanners, supplied by Siemens; a 3T Magnetom Prisma, a 7T Magnetom and a 9.4T Magnetom.


Services and technology

Scannexus offers you a unique combination of services and technologies. Access to world-leading Ultra High-Field MRI scanners (3T, 7T, 9.4T), is combined with dedicated customer-focused operational support, and the expertise of our clinical and technical networks.

  • Research innovative stem cell therapy to restore muscle mass and strength
    An international research team from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany expect to have a solution for the breakdown of muscle mass and strength within a few years. This can help for cancer patients and children with a (genetic) muscle disorder, but also for the ever-increasing group of elderly people in Europe.