Services & Technology

Scannexus offers you a unique combination of services and technologies. Access to world-leading Ultra-High-Field MRI scanners (3T, 7T, 9.4T), is combined with dedicated customer-focused support, and the expertise of our staff as well as our clinical and technical networks.


Furthermore, Scannexus facilitates the development of projects, provides a one-stop-shop for contractual issues and brings focus on project delivery. In addition, there is the ability to follow advanced level training in the principles and applications of MRI.

Scannexus provides a full range of comprehensive products and services that can be used flexibly to deliver standard services in a ‘tailor-made manner’.

The provided services can consist of:
• Project development and study design
• Usage of scanners, labs and peripheral equipment
• Scanning support
• Data analysis and interpretation
• Additional customer-specific services

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