Key Examples

Images acquired at the scannexus 7T scanner with a Double Inversion Recovery (DIR) sequence in collaboration with Alard Roebroek, Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience. 
From left to right: White Matter image, Gray Matter image, CSF image, RGB overlay of the three images. The suppression of the individual tissue signals is achieved by adjusting the two inversion times (sequence parameters of the magnetization preparation module). We call this approach "Sequence-Driven Segmentation".

Dr. Eberhard Pracht
Research Associate (MR Physics)
German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE, Bonn)


Two examples of high resolution anatomical images acquired at the 7T looking at the basal ganglia. The key thing here is that these are quantitative maps of T1 or T2* as gived in the captions.

Dimo Ivanov
Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience
Maastricht University