• Job vacancy - Research Technician Nov.2021 16th November 2021
    We are hiring, we are looking for you: MRI Research Technician (0.6 -1.0 FTE). The research technician at Scannexus (0.6 fte) is primarily involved in supporting researchers in MRI data acquisition, mainly in studies using functional MRI and diffusion tensor imaging at 3T and 7T. Secondly, the research technician takes part in collective efforts to optimize existing MR techniques, as well as the development of novel ones. >

  • Super MRI Study on Urinary Incontinence 9th July 2021
    In collaboration with the department of functional neuro-urology from MUMC+ (Maastricht) and Erasmus MC (Rotterdam), we have been awarded with the NWO ‘humane meetmodellen’ grant, that will support ultra-high field MRI research into the neural mechanisms involved in bladder control. In previous years, Scannexus and the dept. of neuro-urology have successfully partnered by studying how regions in our brain stem and spinal cord work together while our bladder fills up. This grant will further these developments by focussing on the overactive bladder syndrome, to discover if this disease is caused by neural malfunctioning. This could guide future treatment. >

  • Shimming—the forgotten child of in‑vivo MR? 30th March 2021
    In a commentary for MAGMA (the official journal of ESMRMB), Scannexus' Christopher Wiggins asks why are the standard techniques for magnet field homogeneity provided by vendors generally from the last century and limited in performance, when in the meantime MRI techniques have used the significant advances in techniques and computing power to perform higher quality MR imaging in shorter and shorter times? >

  • Research innovative stem cell therapy to restore muscle mass and strength 2th March 2021
    An international research team from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany expect to have a solution for the breakdown of muscle mass and strength within a few years. This can help for cancer patients and children with a (genetic) muscle disorder, but also for the ever-increasing group of elderly people in Europe. >

  • Newsletter 12-2017 20th December 2017
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  • Newsletter 05-2017 18th May 2017
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