Newsletter 03-2016

17th March 2016

Outcome of our Customer Survey

In January we asked you, our users and customers, to participate in our annual Customer Survey.
Our goal is to provide the best possible and constantly improving service and quality and with a review we can measure customer satisfaction.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey and give us feedback! We are very proud of the positive feedback we received.


We appreciate all comments and will be following up on any suggestions.
Some suggestions worth further exploring are the size of the dielectric pads, the availability and flexibility of scanning slots and the amount of data storage, amongst others.
We will give you a heads up of all actions we will undertake to meet with your needs and improve on all services.



Math van Sloun talks about his research.

'If it works in a 9.4T environment, you know for certain that it works.

Testing the operation of their contrast injection MR system in a 9.4 Tesla environment. This is the reason that BRACCO approached Scannexus. The cooperation between the parties has moves from strength to strength; they are constantly on the lookout for other forms of cooperation.

Extreme precision
With a single press of the button the BRACCO system injects contrast fluid with extreme precision. Van Sloun: "We wanted to test if it would operate as required in a high magnetic field. We can now answer this question with a confident yes. If it works in a 9.4T environment, you know for certain that it works."

The system is still in the Scannexus 9.4T environment. This is to the benefit of both parties. Van Sloun: "Researchers scanning at Scannexus can make use of the system for their research, and we can offer it to customers. Any resulting publications are interesting for both parties".

According to Van Sloun, there is far more to be gained from the cooperation between BRACCO and Scannexus. For example BRACCO has developed a new contrast fluid. "It would be great to test this here. Scannexus offers tremendous opportunities for commerce. They support and facilitate to make a succes of research projects. That is something we truly value."

Math van Sloun, company BRACCO.



The Brains Unlimited Pioneer fund: New call opens at the 1th of April!

The new call of the Brains Unlimited Pioneer Fund will be opened soon!

The objective of the Brains Unlimited Pioneer Fund is to support research of UM researchers and their partners by making funds available for innovative pilot studies (up to a maximum of 10 scanning hours). These pilot studies should result in a proof-of-evidence that substantiates and increases the likelihood of further grant funding for follow-up research.

The Brains Unlimited Pioneer Fund is made possible by the Limburg University Fund/SWOL and is an on-going fund, with a submission round every year. The applications of the researcher will be judged by an expert panel, based on scientific argumentation, novelty and / or new business and further ways of financing research and development.

Further information on conditions for submission, application forms and deadline will be available from the 1th of April. For more information'click here'.



Scannexus member of HollandBio and FlandersBio

As of 2016 Scannexus became a member HollandBIo and FlandersBio.

Both are national networking organisation in the field of life sciences. They both support the life sciences community (academic as well as industry) through networking, direct services, and lobbying to stimulate the growth of the sector and long term collaborations and partnerships, in Flanders and The Netherlands, but also in broader European consortia.

Being a member gives us, and therefor also you, a window of opportunity to get in touch with other academic institutions and industry partners. Further, it provides access to a diverse range of events, often with attractive discount or even free of charge. Please contact us for more information or if you want to join us and / or want to participate in events of these networks and their activities.



Visibility of Scannexus

As some of you may already have seen, we created a clear recognition that can be seen from the street for anyone who wants to use our facilities.

It took some time but now we found a decent and permanent solution. 
We have placed flag poles & flags in front of our scanning facility and we have placed logos on our door. It is now much more clearly where they need to be, especially outside office hours.

From now on, the flags can be used as a point of recognition for all our visitors. 

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