Scannexus and the other Brains Unlimited partners offers Executive training in the principles and applications of MRI.

MRI is increasingly used for clinical, diagnostic and fundamental research. However, due to the rapid expansion of the fields, there is currently a high demand but a substantial lack of qualified personnel in research organisations and companies, especially in the field of MRI physics & analysis and Ultra High-Field MR imaging.


The new Executive education programme aims to bridge the gap for the supply of higher qualified personnel and will provide an interdisciplinary, innovative environment for the use of MRI imaging technologies in the fields of physics, clinical and fundamental human biological research.

The programme aims to prepare participants for understanding and handling new challenges in the domain of High-Field imaging, including the fundamental and applied field of MR physics and anatomical and functional MR Data analysis techniques.

The programme is aimed at:

  • Technical and scientific staff in industry (hardware and software)
  • Medical doctors, physicians, pharmacologists, who want to learn about possibilities and applications of new methodology and technology in their fields
  • Researcher looking to enhance their understanding of specific elements of MRI or who plan to move into this field of study
  • Technicians in public health (hospitals) and neurosciences (research lab) environment
  • Students looking to enter into careers in any of these fields.