Course dates

The following table will provide an overview of the time schedule for the upcoming courses within the Executive programme.

2014 Modules



Functional and Anatomical Imaging Basics

20-24 October 2014

Ultra High-Field Functional and Anatomical MRI

27-31 October 2014


Future Modules



MRI Quality Assurance and Artifacts

These dates will follow 

MR Spectroscopy

 As soon as possible

Diffusion Imaging


Modelling: from Neurons to fMRI


IDEA programming course


Sequences for MR Physics


Hardware Architecture of an MR Scanner


Brain Systems & Neuroscience Applications




Clinical MRI: Oncology and Cardiology


Clinical MRI: Neurology and Musculoskeletal System


MR Physics I


MR Physics II


Coils: Theory and Practice


Real Time fMRI


Advanced Design & Analysis fMRI



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