Masters curriculum

This is part-time, 60 European Credits (EC) post-graduate Master’s programme. The entire programme is offered in English. The study load is divided over a period of two years. The programme consists of 17 modules which can be combined to tailor study for different professional needs and scientific backgrounds.

The modules cover a wide range of MRI techniques including MRI physics, MRI sequences, hardware, clinical applications, data analysis and neurosciences in order to be able to accommodate specific profiles. The programme ends with writing a Master thesis. The thesis is based on a research project which students perform either at their employer or at Maastricht University, Forschungszentrum Juelich, or Siemens Healthcare.

In summary, each student follows eleven modules of 4 EC, and writes a Master’s thesis of 16 EC. The modules of the Brains Unlimited education programme can also be taken as stand-alone courses.